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Learning with a smile

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2023/2024: Nursery Opening

Learn all about our new project: Colégio Quadrante.

Colégio Europa

Learning with a smile

Colégio Europa is situated in Cascais. Its current educational offer includes children from pre-school to the end of preparatory school.

Colégio Europa is a family orientated school, which encourages close connection with families and the education of happy children with solid values, who develop their creativity, autonomy and resilience, in an intercultural and inclusive educational environment.

About the School

In Colégio Europa each student benefits from individualised support. The educational project values various and complete learning experiences, encouraging a close school-family interaction and connection with the community. Recognizes the importance of learning carried out in interaction with the local community, with the intended exploration of the natural, cultural, and historical heritage.

Colégio Europa joined the Project To Be Educational group in December 2022, as part of which it will benefit from renovation works on the exterior and interior spaces. In the school year of 2023/2024, Colégio Europa will be able to offer a Nursery area including baby nursery.

What distinguishes us

Colégio Europa favours the harmonious and integral development of its students, in a familiar and affective educational environment, which encourages the active participation of families and respects and values interculturality and inclusion.

Children are co-constructors of their learning, ensuring that their previous experiences, knowledge, and unique characteristics are recognised, and that their potential is developed in various areas.

Colégio Europa has an educational project that ensures an integrated learning of the English language and values the visual arts, music, and physical activity. It promotes socio-emotional and values development, along with the acquisition of essential learning at each school level.

Educational Offer

Colégio Europa´s educational project was built thinking about the Education of children who learn happily, and grow empathetic, supportive, creative, and resilient students.

It has a varied and complete educational offer in all school years, with differentiating curricular and extracurricular activities, which ensures a stimulating and quality learning experience for all its students.


Starting next school year 2023/2024


  • English (daily)
  • Physical Education (twice a week)
  • Music (twice a week)
  • Visual Arts (weekly)

Primary School

  • English (daily)
  • Physical Education (twice a week)
  • Music (twice a week)
  • Visual Arts (weekly)
  • Art Lab and Environmental Studies (weekly)
  • Orchestra Orff (4th year)

Preparatory School

  • Portuguese
  • English
  • Maths
  • History and Geography of Portugal
  • Natural Sciences
  • Physical Education
  • Visual and Technological Education
  • Music
  • Orchestra Orff
  • Project Work
  • Maths Workshop

Extracurricular Activities

  • Swimming
  • Ballet/Dance
  • Martial Arts
  • Technology

To Be Europa

“To Be Europa means being close, making all members of the community feel happy in our school. To be helpful and integrating, observant and to act. It means being positive and believing that with effort and resilience, anything can happen.”

- Ana Teresa Silva

General and Pedagogical Director

Rua Afonso Lopes Vieira, 2
2750-652 Pampilheira

(+351) 214 833 777